Welcome To College With Disabilities Blog

I would like to welcome readers to my College With Disabilities blog. This blog will allow me to focus on a particular subset of students: Those who wish to attend college and face the additional challenge of having a disability. This blog will focus more on “non-physical” disabilities, such as anxiety, depression, attentional issues, learning disabilities, and related emotional or cognitive conditions that students face. This certainly doesn’t minimize the challenges of students with physical disabilities. My background and experience are more with non-physical disabilities, so those topics fit my expertise much better. Hopefully there will be topics that students who have physical disabilities will benefit from as well.

A large part of my work includes students who are in college, many with disabilities, who have run in to different types of problems while pursuing higher education. A great deal of the problems that students encounter during college were largely preventable, and could have been addressed during their planning or transition phases for college. A phenomenon that is widespread in the U.S. is that students become preoccupied with getting in to college, but know too little about what it takes to succeed there. I’m not talking only about knowing how to study. Choosing the right college, having transitional support, and understanding the common problems that students face are key steps in having an effective plan for not just going to college but succeeding there. In this blog, I hope to describe many of the “lessons learned” from my work with college students so that students and parents can make good decisions for college.

Collegewithdisabilities.com is meant to be a more specialized companion site to my other college blogs: Collegestrategyblog.com, which is meant to help students who are currently in college, and includes information on dealing with failing college; And Studentstrategy101.com, meant to address transitional issues from high school to college for students in general. All three of these sites are meant to stimulate thinking in parents, students, and professionals, and are based on the real life work that I’ve done with many students, families, and colleges across the U.S.

I hope that you enjoy my College With Disabilities blog, and I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with you.


Jeff Ludovici